Couldn’t find a more appropriate time to make my first “real” blog post since today I’ve been moody AF.

We’ve all been there, that time in the month where you’re equality angry and sad and you wanna punch someone in the face just for breathing next to you while you cry and binge eating in the same time. Yep, it’s happening. Every. Single. Month.

I didn’t punch someone in the face though.

I made myself tea instead. A mint, ginger, turmeric fresh everything tea. And in a one Liter mug because…because summer in Berlin. Here we are, in July, 19 degrees outside, what a joy.


But back at the tea. It’s the first time making it and only because I remember I bought once some turmeric at the Asian Supermarket just because it was cheap (only 1,23 €), because I had fresh mint but not thanks to me and because I had this amazing ginger honey thingy from my Croatian friend’s mum (will come back with a post about that once I have the blessing). I’ve also added some freshly ground black pepper to it, because apparently, our body absorbs the properties of kurkuma only in the presence of black pepper so I thought why not.

I must admit, I love it! The fine spiciness from the black pepper is just…unexpectedly pleasant and it just comes together with the spiciness of ginger, absolutely delicious.

Overall is a pure spicy-delicious-health-in-a-cup kind of drink that I recommend not only in THAT TIME OF THE MONTH but whenever!

Just please…try it!

Have a lovely one,