Dog sitting and a balcony

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I love myself a balcony. If there is anything I ‘crave’ in the apartment where I am currently living is a balcony. I don’t know…it makes everything better. You have a shitty morning? Go have breakfast on a balcony. Feel uninspired? Go to the balcony. You want better pictures? Balcony.

So, my plan this weekend was to cook in the new pottery my mum sent me. Buuuuut the dog happened. And the dog came with an apartment and with a BALCONY.

So I made a salad.

This ‘grilled’ aubergine, zucchini and paprika on a bed of rocket salad. Topped with mozzarella and chilli flakes. On a balcony.

Forget all my plans and take me as I am! On a balcony.


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