Ode for Burgeramt!

Burgers are life and everyone knows it. But finding THE burger is heaven! So is my story with Burgeramt, the burger place, not the institution. Imagine they would sell burgers…

Anyway, I thought that by living in Berlin I would be surrounded by awesome burgers every corner. And I am, but sadly they are not so awesome all the time. They’re either dry or bland or…without salt!!!! Yes, a beef burger patty WITHOUT SALT!!!

I went to Burgeramt not long ago when I moved back to Berlin and I loved it. Tried it last night again, after two years. My God!!!

So sloppy, so juicy, so messy so yummy that you wanna moan at every single bite you take.
Last night I had the gorgonzola burger, with walnuts, rucola, onions, saladmygooooood. So good!

The photo doesn’t make justice but I truly recommend this place. Truly!

And they don’t really care about the chopped dishes they are serving this beauty because they know their product is good and speaks for itself, which I really respect!

Keep up the good job, guys!