Food and Liberec part. I

This trip pretty much came out of boredom, at work and after a rather painful 6h road trip (loud, cliché and low class bachelorette party), we came in this city. Small and…empty.

We only got 24 hours to stay so my goal was pretty easy: to find cheap delicious food. I only imagined these street food sausages with sauerkraut and onions and pickles and everything that makes your mouth drool. Buuuuuut

Only that we got there around 2 pm and everything was closed. Shops, bakeries, boutiques, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!! And we were hungry.

After a rather short, cranky walk around the city, we found a supermarket and we bought pastries like there was no tomorrow. And there we were, in the back garden of the Liberec Castle (we weren’t even aware of the location), eating supermarket pastries out of warm stairs.

And gosh how I missed the cheap greasy puff pastries! And the quietness and the emptiness of the place! And the smoked cheese!

We got pretty damn full. But also because immediately after we bought the food we found some street food…a hot dog…this:

It was under 1 Euro and we could barely order it but we couldn’t complain. We won the battle against Liberec and its street food. And we won a hot dog.
And this is what I imagine we will find (sausage found in Prague, earlier this year):

And I even wore a pretty dress because I could imagine how I will hold that sausage in my hands and present it to the world while my pretty dress in the background would just made the picture awesome.

I can’t complain. I was full and satisfied and my dress is still pretty and waiting for that big fat sausage photograph.

Keep eating,