Food and Liberec part. II

During our saga for food in Liberec we decided over the Radnični Sklipek Restaurant, very downtown Liberec, in fact, in the same building as the City Hall.

Let me tell you something. If you want cheap but high quality food, this is the place!

We came there only because they served Boar and I really wanted Boar.

The moment you step in the restaurant you can find an yellow wall down the stairs, full of notes from the customers. They are a lot. And I mean it.

The stairs take you down to the restaurant, a very high ceiling, wide space, decorated with basic dark wood furnite and white walls. Above the bar you could find this deer horn chandelier and on the windows you could spot the strained glass with some scenes from the old time Liberec. While the whole space took you back to the Middle Ages (a more cleaner and brighter Middle Age) it was also very loud. Especially if there is a full table rather next to you with 8 guys chanting and singing and hitting the table with their fists. The noise I should better describe as in the noise you will find in a Halle. Or in an episode of Game of Thrones when there is food.

The waiter warmly welcomed us in English  (it is a big thing around) and provided us English Menus!! (Liberec is a bilingual city, with Czech and German and most of the menus are in these two languages – if lucky)

We decided over some Pickled sausage salad with smoked cardoons since we had too much-one-euro-czech-beer. It was good, maybe a bit too pickly for one’s taste but perfectly spiced. You could definitely feel the aroma of onions and garlic, but not too strong, and at the end a slight chilli flavor that was just…perfect. And it definitely paired perfectly with another less-then-one-euro-czech-beer.

For Mains we went for some Lean beef Goulash slow stewed in a strong stork and Boar, of course. Boar with hip paired with knodles, a dark beer sauce and cranberry sauce.

Damn it was good. The goulash was an absolutely perfect flavor explosion in your mouth, the meat was tender and melted in your mouth and the sauce was think enough to dip your dumplings in it without getting too soggy.
My Boar was maybe one of the best I’ve had so far only that it had the uncastrated taste very specific for pork that I really dislike but then again it has nothing to do with the way it was cooked, so thumbs up!

I am not a fan of pork (unless it’s Christmas) so I would probably not repeat this experience anytime soon, but it was definitely well done and delicious and definitely worth a shot.

As for dessert, we went for the Legendary Czech Classic-Casket which was basically a Pavlova cake but with a much drier meringue.

The bill was in total 499 Kč, meaning in Euro was somewhere around 20 Euro. 20 Euro!!!!
Definitely worth a shot if you visit/pass by Liberec!