Health(ier) crispy strips?

I normally don’t complain about food but lately I’ve had a pretty monstrous delivery fron Angry Chicken, the Korean fried chicken here in Berlin.

I wanted to go there for a while but somehow didn’t manage, so I ordered.

It was a fucking disaster. All the bag was soaked in what was supposed to be my garlic soy sauce for the wings, it was dripping everywhere, hallway, elevator, floor, everyfuckingwhere. Damn I was mad AF. The chicken itself was purely blunt for a good reason, you have to put the sauce on top. But the sauce chose the bag, elevator, hallway, floor and not my wings. And all because they fucking placed the soy sauce container upside down. Upside down!!!!


I took the mater in my own hands and made my own garlic soy sauce. Plus some pomegranate molasses.

Not that I brag about myself but my sauce made me happy. The garlic flavor met perfectly the saltiness of the soy sauce and the sourness of the pomegranate molasses and kept me away from a formal complaint.

Few days later and inspired by the whole incident I have decided to make my own (healthy) crispy strips.

I had some turkey breast lying around so I marinated it in buttermilk, coconut oil, garlic and chilli for few hours. Salt and pepper as well, of course.

Half of the batch I coated in egg, flour and paprika chips and the other half just with flour and egg, placed everything on a baking sheet and put it in the oven for 20-30 minutes or up until they are golden brown.

They make the perfect finger food suited for a party or a picnic but it can also be a nutritious meal next to a salad or comfort food next to some oven roasted potatoes or French fries.

For that half of the batch uncoated in paprika chips, I used the garlic soy sauce on top of them, resulting these sticky flavorful deliciousness turkey crisps. Without any sauce on the floor, elevator, hallway.

All in all it is a very easy recipe, healthy? and truly tasteful.

Please let me know if you make it!

Have a lovely one,