Vegan Mac and Cheese

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Or better said, pasta with butternut squash sauce. But vegan sells better.

Powered by Youtube, this recipe pretty much won my heart. I am not a big fan of butternut squash so I decided to give it a try in this way.

My God. Unexpectedly delicious. Like, really.

The recipe is pretty much easy, you steam the butternut squash, you cook some onions and garlic, roast some cherry tomatoes. After that you blend the butternut squash with the cooked onions and garlic, you add on some cashews and some almond milk, salt and pepper and voila!


The recipe is well enough for two people since it is so filling and you will get some extra sauce for a next time. Or maybe for a small soup.

Super quick, super easy and super healthy this recipe will win the hart of many, I am sure!

Please let me know if you make it!

Have a lovely one,



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