Chicken Fesanjun for early Autumn days

Not long time ago I purchased the Persian cookbook mentioned in my previous post and I came across this recipe, this pomegranate walnut chicken stew.

I got intrigued.

I made half of the recipe, meaning 1 cup of walnut, 2 cups water, combine and set then aside. In a pot you bring to a boil half a cup of pomegranate molasses and once it’s boiling, you add the walnut water mixture, set the stove on low and let it simmer for an hour.

In the meanwhile you salt and peper the chicken and put it in the fridge.

Once the sauce is done, you add some salt and cinnamon, stir and then add the chicken meat. I used chicken legs and although the recipe asked for the skin to be removed, I got stubborn and I didn’t, so I turned out with a lot of fat that I had to eventually remove with a spoon.

Long story short, of your meat has skin and the recipe asks for you to remove it, do it.

After the chicken is added, cook for another 30 to 45 minutes or up until thr meat is done and serve it on Persian rice (recipe coming out tomorrow).

As a small note, you can cook the chicken aside, in the oven and later on add it to the sauce.
Enjoy it!