Persian rice

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Last days have been hectic. Delayed flights, trains, missed connections, lack of sleep, relatives, more lack of sleep, bachelorette party, more lack of sleep, road trip.

Yes, I am home. But before I start bragging on how beautiful my country is, I need to post this recipe for the best rice I’ve ever made.

It takes a bit of time but honestly, it melts in your mouth!

Basically, you wash the rice in some cold water (few times), eliminating as much starch as possible, you throw the tice in salty boiling water, like pasta, paraboil it for 5 min and drain.

Now comes the best part. Take some potatoes, thinly slice them and put it at the bottom of a pot. Add the rice, put the lid on (with a towel underneath) and set the stove as low as you can for 30 min.

Life changing game. Maybe not for weekdays but still. Life changing game.

Look at it. Just look at it. It is fluffy, it melts in your mouth, it’s perfect!


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