Why don’t we use cardamom in cookies all the time?

Yes, my exact thoughts when I first tried  the cardamom cookies I made a while back.

Since my whole week was rather hectic, I couldn’t be up to day with the Persian food posts, so here comes the last one, The cardamom cookies.

The recipe is easy, all you need is some rice flour (easily found in the Asian supermarkets) some ground cardamom, sugar and butter.

The butter is melted, the sugar is added, both are mixed until you have this pale yellow paste, you add the flour a d the cardamom and done.

Store it in the fridge for 2 h or more, shape them into cookies and bake them for 15-20 min or up until the edges of the cookies are golden. Once out, they are quite fragile, so please move them carefully to a cooling rack and wait until they are cold.

Enjoy It!