Romania day 1

Just spent a week home and it must have been the craziest, busiest and best week spent home ever since I left.

Everything was a roller coaster. Delayed flight, missed the train, no bus available, got one train, delay, missed the connection, waiting, got another train, got another delay. No sleep. Relatives marathon, wedding gift shopping, a bit of sleep, no salary, no money to go to the mountain side. Confusion, money, account on minus, more money, banks closed, wrong opening hours, running around for an open Western Union, mum on high heels, daughter and father running around, bachelorette party.

And that was the first day.

Again, recap.

I got home. Mum serves you Borș de Găină cu Perișoare for breakfast. And Șnițele. And Pârjoale and homemade bread and Icre and Sărățele and Cornulețe.

IMG_0479And watermelon because I must have missed it.

We move to the countryside. Grandma awaits you with Murături and pretty much all of her garden.

IMG_0489She had pretty much everything pickled. Tomatoes, green tomatoes, watermelon, paprika, apples, homegrown cucumbers.

Her garden. I have to stop a bit here and make a small bracket. As humans, we don’t really appreciate what we have. Especially a garden and homegrown vegetables. Or homemade wine. Or a healthy lived-a-happy-run-around chicken. Or pork. Even pork. No, we prefer the store bought meat and vegetables because…because they are convenient. The cook faster, the look better.

Bullshit. Big fucking bullshit.

Ever since I moved from my parent’s and especially ever since I moved to Berlin I just…it is impossible for me to find real bio, organic, homegrown products. And by that I mean the real deal, not the over priced bio bullshit you find in the bio supermarkets (they are crazy about every bio bio bio and organic organic organic products not even knowing they are NOT the real shit). The real shit is when you take a paprika in your hands and you feel the smell of it. Same goes for the tomatoes. And fruits. The real shit is a chicken you need to cook it for more than 2 hours. The real shit is a orange looking egg yolk. The real shit is homemade wine that has no chemicals in it and you get no hangover. That’s the real shit.

Happy living animals is the real shit. And also one of the main reason I won’t go fully vegan.


This is what I am talking about.

In the meanwhile I am stuck with a dog that behaves and sounds like a pig He is black too. And he eats his own vomit like is some sort of delicacy.

And I am happy 🙂

Until next time,