Romania day 2

Yeah, well, it only took me two weeks to come up with the second day spent home. And my journey had 5 days. The new Twilight Saga, Let’s hope not.

In these two weeks, I have moved (again), for like the 9th time since I came back to Berlin, I have traveled to Brussels, working and generally pilling myself up with extra tasks that I won’t finish anytime soon. I have laundry pilled up, kitchen is a mess, social media slightly neglected and me tired as fuck again.

But, Romania day 2. After a thankfully not so wild bachelorette party, I started this road trip with my parents towards the mountain side.

We stopped in Lacul Rosu for breakfast which was pretty much made of mum’s homemade bread, potato bread, schnitzels and meatballs. But hey, we  had a view and ducks ate with as well. And a cat.


The road trip was quite long but beautiful and after a short road rage from both me and my dad (my rage gad nothing to do with traffic whatsoever, my dad’s yes) we eventually got to Busteni. Little did we know we would get a room with a breathtaking view. This:


Anyway, my parents had it all planned: The kid is living away, she must miss a barbecue. So barbecue it is. And I actually missed it. If there is something that I miss and that I always want to be barbecued whenever I am going home is Mici and Carnati from Selgros. That’s it. For those unaccustomed with mici it’s the Romanian version of Cevapcici but with sodium bicarbonate which turns them into these fluffy cevapcici  while cooked. As for the sausages, I don’t knowm they just taste…perfect. Not too garlicky, not too thick, not to thin but just generally very tasty.

My mum went an extra step further and she marinated this lamb meat she had kept for me since Easter (the kid is living away, she must have missed lamb meat) and grilled it. My god! Best lamb meat she has ever done and that I have ever ate! Super tender and perfectly marinated, perfectly spiced, perfectly everything, it just melted in your mouth!

We Romanians, we always, but always make a salad or cut some vegetables to go with the barbecue only to eat the barbecue just with bread. Yep meat and bread is life. Barbecue goes along just with bread. That’s it. The salad on the side is just to make you feel less guilty about eating meat with bread only.

IMG_1075Yeah, well, I am being sarcastic now but this is exactly what I did. I asked my mum for this tomato onion salad that I have missed to end up eating barbecue with bread. I am deeply rooted in my bread and barbecue origins so clearly one can’t deny it.

In a 10 min period time while my mum was preparing the barbecue my dad shows up with this pile of mushrooms he just found in the forest behind the accommodation. Let me tell you something, if you wanna buy my dad, take him to the forest. Take him to the forest during mushroom season and he is all yours. Your best friend.

IMG_1040You should have seen his face, after 8h or more of driving he was finally happy. And it only took a 10 min walk in the forest. In the mushroom season.

But back at the barbecue. The photo speaks for itself.

As for the rest of the night we just chilled. The room had such a breathtaking view that we were just sitting on the balcony, saying nothing but admiring the view.

I have to spare a paragraph on the accommodation we had. Honestly, when I booked it I thought it will be a rip off but since my dad (purely because of logistic reasons) strongly told me to get the accommodation there, I succumbed. BEST DECISION EVER! I did mention the view we had but it was not just about that. It was the man taking care of the house. In Romania we have this saying, Omul sfinteste locul, meaning that the man is the one giving a place the soul, the charm. It was the case here. He took care of everything. Laundry, heating, cleaning, serving you coffee, being around but not too much, quiet but there, sturdy and proud but humble. And everything was so natural about him. Few people in my life I met like him but none in the service area.

In other words, our staying was absolutely magnificent there and it was truly a perfect start to our trip.

Until the next post,