Romania day 5

Romania day 5 is finally here! Fortunately, sadly. As stated in my first post, it was maybe one of the (only) best week ever spent home since I moved away. The ending of the trip wasn’t far from that.

We spent in Sibiu and Sighisoara, two cities that grew close to my heart. Especially Sibiu. As bad as it might sound, I felt like I am not in Romania anymore but yet I was. People were kind, people were calm and polite, people said a warm and sincere thank you and you’re welcome.

Sick of all that barbecue with bread and schintzels and parjoale and pateu de marasesti with bread, we screamed, dreamed of a soup. Our host recommended us a place to eat but somehow we couldn’t find it although we passed it, we decided on another place, Weidner Restaurant. We had soups. My dad, the bean smoked meat one, of course, my mum had a chicken one and I had a beef one.

IMG_2431You can’t understand how that soup understood us. When we got to the restaurant the weather was freshly rained and we sat outside and we had this hearty welcomy comforting soups in ourselves, my god happiness. Not to mention cheap, somewhere around 3 euro a soup, pretty big portion.

IMG_2249After that we pretty much walked around the city enjoying it. Not to mention that for some reason there was a Bollywood movie shooting so we had a great laugh as well.IMG_2238

IMG_2504Oh and the street food! The huuuge savory donuts and cream filled pretzel and all the yummyness and cheap goodiness you can find. That donut above, filled with sheep cheese (branza de burduf) was 80 cents. 80 CENTS.

Anyway, after we charged our batteries with Sibiu, we moved on to Sighisoara. I have found this charming old house we got accommodated, in the old citadel, absolutely charming and stunning. The type of house that makes you wish to had lived in the Middle Ages.

But back at the food. My dad had one wish in Sighisoara. Goulash. So goulash it was. Hungarian beef goulash with dumplings. Or better said meat with dumplings and goulash.

For 4.5 euro we ate quite well. Very well. People adding bread to this dish are my heroes. It is quite impossible to finish the whole thing. We were hungry but the goulash won. Sorry, the meat with goulash. SO MUCH MEAT!

We all had our holiday brains on meaning we had to climb lots of stairs after the meal. Not that we wanted to shred off the meal we had, we purely didn’t think it through. So we hated our lives. All we wanted was a beer and chill. Not stairs. And we had lots of stairs. And more stairs.

IMG_2635But back at the star of the post.

IMG_2598.jpgLook at it, just look at it.

Such a beauty.

But after the meal and the stairs and the sun and the sightseeing yours truly had to take a nap. Her parents didn’t. Because they are cool.

Overall is was a great trip, definitely a bit tiring but truly eventful and beautiful.

And just a bit of education tip:

IMG_2674.jpgThis is the house where Vlad Tepes was born and spent his early days. You know, that funny guy that used to spike up the head of his enemies? The same guy everyone knows him as Dracula, because #America. Well, please, don’t Dracula him anymore. And we are not vampires. We love meat, not blood. Bread with meat.

Until the next post,

Stay tuned for Brussels, autumn food, dog treats and many more.