Tracing Hemingway in Paris

Have you ever dreamed of dining at the same place where Victor Hugo and Ernest Hemingway used to be regulars? Have you literally dreamed of following their steps?(the floor has not been changed ever since the restaurant opened).


Then Polidor restaurant is for you. Located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, this historic restaurant, founded in 1845 will warmly welcome you in a warm cozy parisienne atmosphere.


Just to make myself clear, the restaurant itself is nice and cozy but the lady who greeted us, not so nice and cozy. She had the basic bossy attitude, never smiling and pretty much made you feel a bit inferior. But hey, ignorance is bliss and once you achieve it you can get into the old fuzzy feeling of the restaurant.


As for the restaurant, they have it closed during the afternoon, being reopen at 7 pm. And the prices are quite low for Paris, meaning you really have to be there at 7 pm to avoid waiting for a table. Or you wait outside up until you get a table.


The setting in the restaurant is crowded. So crowded you really pity the waitress. As for them, they are not young but they are definitely warm and lovely aaand…they speak english. They really make you feel welcomed and homey.

The food: cheap, good. They have a 22 euro menu where you can choose from 5 different starters, 5 different main entries and some deserts.


I went for a terrine campagne for starters, beouf Bourguignon for main and blackcurrant pudding.


I have to take a moment and quote Julia child by saying that the memory of a good french pate can haunt you for years.


True. Fucking true. Bought afterwards the quite pricey supermaket version and no-no. That pate was just…perfect. A bit salty, creamy, yet meaty and livery overall, perfect and truly haunting.


As for the mains, I was pretty much set up on beouf Bourguignon because I needed some recognition and approval for  myself. And I got it. My beouf Bourguignon was as Polidor’s. Meat melting in your mouth, sauce perfectly winey and salty, mashed potatoes like your mum’s, the while package. They only lacked the braised onions on top though. But still.


In general I am not a sweets type of person so I am not really fying after them but the blackcurrant pudding was intriguing, so naturally I ordered it.


I liked it but not loved it, instead i purely praised their caramel ice cream. Truly caramel. So good.


By the time we finished, people were queueing in front of the restaurant for a table. We were lucky, we got there first.


Overall it is a restaurant to go and using the toilet is a must!