So yeah, I’ve been to Paris. Did I fell in love with their cheese? Baguette? Yes. The city, not really.

And is not like I had any expectations or anything, it just…didn’t have a charm.

Anyway, back to the cheese and baguette.


and the food.

I think you honestly can’t go wrong with food there.edit_IMG_4622edit_IMG_4627edit_IMG_4696edit_IMG_4702

Since I feel rather uninspired in wroting this post, I will summarize my weekend spent there:

  • Spent time with my mum and my friend;
  • Try to keep both of our mums alive in Paris;
  • Had a quiche lorraine while witnessing the waitress giving her boyfriend a passionate kiss;
  • Ordered just a French soup to get a slightly judgmental look;
  • Spending waaaay too much money in a supermarket.