Now that 2017 is close to an end it is time to blabber about whatever I did or did not achieve this year. While thinking about it – surprise – I could still feel grateful.

Grateful for what I could accomplish this year. To some it may not sound like much but to me, retrospectively looking, it was. This year wasn’t necesarly easy for me career wise, friendship wise. I have gained 15 kg and counting, I have developed anxieties I was never aware of, I changed jobs, loved my life, hated my life.

But I have traveled more than in the past years. And I met new people, who inspired me and helped me get out of certain situations. I – the one who thought she is not able to commit- managed to have a relationship for a year and counting. I managed to help my parents. I opened this blog. I learnt how to use a camera.

I skipped gym though. And healthy eating habits. But I came closer to hearty foods. And I understand that sometimes it is really important to write down recipes. I have bought more books that I could read. And a Kindle. I still start 25 books and finish them whenever.

I still have to learn how to be more disciplined. And I am still faaaar away from it. Or how to spend my money wisely. And by wisely, I mean in moderation.

I will not make any NYE resolutions. But I do have some goals set up on my mind. Eventually they will come to reality – written down on a list or not.

Until then, enjoy the NYE food, decorate your Boeuf Salad and don’t drink too much, there will be more parties waiting for your the next years and the ones to come.

Also, please find inspired in decorating your dinner table.

IMG_5585All the best,