What I’ve learned in Porto


  • buildings don’t come with heaters;
  • nata pasties are everywhere;
  • francesinhas are everywhere;
  • you can’t put down a Francesinha;
  • tiles. everywhere there is tiles;
  • you buy everything that comes or resemblances with tiles;
  • pork and seafood is everywhere;
  • the ocean is at 2 euro metro ticket distance;
  • the ocean is beautifully intimidating;
  • there is cheap decent beer;
  • there is no street food – except for some occasional roasted chestnut stands;
  • coffee is less than a euro;
  • a ghost town can be lively;
  • one just can’t spontaneously get in into Livraria Lello;
  • you can’t get dinner before 7 PM;
  • there are blossomed trees in January;
  • Seagulls are still assholes;