Seitan Pineapple Pasta

OK. THIS was challenge. A very vegan challenge.

Long story short, I’ve team up with Veggiespiracy for a challenge, me cooking a vegan dish and she, trying to find a vegan/vegetarian one on my blog.

She has this recipe, pasta with seitan and pineapple.

Seitan Pineapple Pasta. What is seitan. Where can I find seitan. Pineapple? In pasta????

Seitan is a chewy protein-rich food made from wheat gluten, used in cooking as a meat substitute. Seitan can be found in any bio supermarkets around Berlin. Pineapple in pasta? Yes. MY GOD. Vegan cream? Not as bad as I thought it would be.

So, with no further due, you’ll need:

  • 1 onion
  • garlic
  • 250 gr seitan (a whole pack, can be found at Alnatura)
  • 200 gr fresh Pineapple
  • wine
  • vegan cream (I used the Dinkel sahne from Alnatura too)
  • bay leaf
  • olive oil
  • pasta
  • nutmeg
  • salt and pepper


  1. Cut the onion and the garlic, add them to a frying pan with the bay leaf on, and cook it on low;
  2. Add the seitan cut in cubes;
  3. Turn the heat on high, add the wine and the spices;
  4. Let it cook up until the wine has evaporated, mixing occasionally;
  5. Cook the pasta in a different pot;
  6. Add the pineapple and cook until it releases the juices;
  7. Add the cream and mix all together;


it took me two weeks worth of courage to make this dish. Just the thought of mixing pineapple into a sour dish made me cringe. But then I remembered the wise words of Beatriz, the Veggiespiracy mastermind: you have to be more adventurous. She is a fan of sweet-savoury combinations in food.

And she is right. I have to be more adventurous food wise, and this recipe was indeed a revelation. Maybe I won’t necessarily use vegan cream and seitan in a dish any time soon, but for sure I’ll keep the pineapple. And some chicken? Cream?

You can find Beatriz here and here and please do follow her because she is great and she, for sure, will keep you well fed with her recipes.

Until the next one,