Easy natural dyed eggs


Is not like I reinvent the world, but thinking about it our ancestors were smart. I mean, who would think to boil the eggs in onions skin? For sure not us, because we have supermarkets and artificial egg dye in it.

Back at my parents’ we used ink and I am not gonna lie, the eggs were stunning. Golden, silver, pastel, shiny, perfect. And I am not sure if once with age the roots are calling but there is something raw and natural in coloring the eggs with onions. Not that I necessarily remember my  grandma doing it but somehow it sent me back there.

All you need is really some onions skin you have around. In the past two years I have tried the beets and red onions skin but I have come up with the conclusion that the results are not necessarily the best. Oh, and this year I tried to make the green one too. Total fail.

So, you’ll need:

  • white shell eggs
  • onions skin
  • turmeric (optional)
  • some old panty hoes you have lying around
  • dill and parsley leaves
  • scissors
  • some elastic band (optional)


  1. with the help of the rough part of your dish sponge, gently remove the stamp with a little bit of soap and warm water;IMG_7619-2
  2. cut your panty hoes in pockets big enough to host your egg;
  3. add the leaves on top on the egg and gently place it in the stockings – make sure your leave is neatly in place – that will be your model afterwards so you don’t wanna mess it up;UNADJUSTEDRAW_thumb_b84
  4. firmly knot the ends of your stocking but be careful not to break the egg – the firmer the stocking is to the egg, the better model you’ll get in the end;
  5. peel around 5-6 onions and add the skins to a big pot;
  6. add water and allow it to boil;
  7. once its boiling, add the eggs and cook them for 8 minutes;
  8. remove from the pot and allow them to cool;
  9. remove the stocking and enjoy your art!

Have a happy Easter and don’t consume too many eggs!