Tender juicy leg of a Lamb

Lamb can be rather tricky. It smells, can be chewy, can be raw, it’s rather expensive and not very encouraging to experiment with.

I must admit, I am not necessarily a big fan of it because of all the reasons above but since I am a very courageous woman and after lots of hours of Youtube and mother knowledge, I’ve came up with this fail proof perfectly tender juicy goodness leg of lamb.

There are very few crucial steps you wanna follow to achieve a good result.

  1. Scoring the meat – this will not only help the salt and marinate go better into your meat creating more flavour but also it will make it easier to eat afterwards;
  2. Rosemary – lamb has lots of unsaturated fat, meaning the fat is prone to oxidising; when it oxidise, it releases the strong smell of lamb that can be a killer game in (some) most of the cases. To tone down that strong smell, use any antioxidants you have in hand: rosemary, vinegar, lemon, mustard;
  3. Have in hand any meat thermometer  – again, this meat can be rather tricky to cook. If you cook it too long it will be dry; too little and it will be raw-ish and chewy. You wanna go for an internal temperature of 70-71° C for medium rare and 76°C for well done.

But with no further due, let’s get going with this beauty:

You’ll need:

  • fresh leg of lamb
  • rosemary
  • garlic
  • salt
  • pepper
  • pinch of cayenne
  • a can of beer
  • 2-3 onions


  1. score your meat as explained above;
  2. separately, cut some garlic cloves into slices and pick up some fresh small rosemary bouquets – set aside;
  3. also cut your onions and set aside;
  4. mix together the salt, pepper and cayenne and generously rub the meat with it – keep in mind that it is a thick cut of meat, so you wanna go generous with salt. Also, go in between those cuts you just made so you’ll get more flavour in the end;
  5. with a small sharp knife poke some holes, large enough to host your garlic-rosemary bouquets;
  6. insert the garlic-rosemary bouquets as shown in the photos below:


7. in a large container, add the onions and beer and place the meat on top;

8. allow the meat to marinate in beer for 24+h; make sure you turn the meat around, preferably 12h on each side, since the can of beer won’t cover it – the key here (and why is it just a can of beer and not more) is because you don’t wanna get that strong beer flavour in the final result;

9. preheat the oven at the highest temperature it can go;

10. add the lamb on a grilled roast oven tray and pop it in for 30 min at high heat;

11. after 30 min, turn the heat down to 180º C, cover the meat with tin foil and cook the lamb for 40 min/kg, or up until it reaches the internal temperature of 70° C for medium rare or 76° C for well done;IMG_7694IMG_7704

And there you go! Perfectly roasted leg of lamb, juicy, tender and full of flavour!

Also please excuse the last photo, since I was too excited about the meat not to take my camera (again) to take a proper photo of my plate.IMG_20180401_204854_725