Do’s and don’ts of Gdańsk


  • DON’T withdraw money while half asleep;
  • DON’T always go with the cheapest hostel you can find on booking;
  • don’t go for public transport unless you really have to;
  • do walk a lot;
  • do eat at Gdański Bowke;
  • do enjoy fresh seasonal food at Klatka B;
  • do try their salmon soup;
  • do eat lots of fish;
  • do get a sunburn in April;
  • do visit the sea;
  • DON’T eat the Berlin Kebab they have – it’s anything but a Berlin kebab in there;
  • do visit the Market Hall;
  • do take your time on Ulica Mariacka;
  • don’t buy overpriced Amber;
  • don’t take a dip in the Baltic Sea – unless you have strong ovaries or you’re overall brave AF;