Frites Atelier Amsterdam


UNADJUSTEDRAW_thumb_dc7UNADJUSTEDRAW_thumb_dbfOnly but tried in Antwerp and a must if you are here.

Frites Atelier is a small gourmet fries chain only available so far in Antwerp, Hague, Utrecht and Arnhem. Behind the chain is chef Sergio Herman, a 3 star Michelin Dutch chef awarded for his restaurants Oud Sluis in Sluis, Zeeland province of the Netherlands and The Jane, in Antwerp.

Originally from Zeeland, Sergio Herman’s goal with the Frites Atelier is all about creating accessible food, using Zeeland clay potatoes, a selection of sauces with no preservatives or artificial additives and vegetables from Zeeland organic farm, Welgelegen.

He spent 18 months perfecting his fries recipe which use the above mentioned potatoes baked in a blend of 100% natural oils before being fried and flavoured with samphire salt.

Although he aimed at accessible food, you know this is no average frituur, with the atelier’s smart navy blue façade giving onto a mosaic-tiled interior, designed by Piet Boon. Flemish cartoonist Kamagurka is behind the arty napkins, and Dutch firm Cor Unum the elegant ceramic sauce dispensers.

The options jump from simple fries, tomato & basil parmigiano, flemish beef stew or more exotic flavours such as Thai chicken fries or Indo peanut ones. You can also check some of the croquettes from the selection they offer.

The sauces are to die for, especially the Deep Truffle one!

Prices range from 3.50 € for the simple fries up to 8.25 € for the flemish beef stew ones. We went for the Thai Chicken, Indo Peanut and beef stew one. By far the favorite is the flemish beef stew combo, really well balanced, really delicious and definitely enough to keep one full. I went stupidly-what-i-thought-it’s-brave enough to order two portions but I barely touched the second one. I was also not necessarily a big fan on the Indo Peanut sauce so…

Thai Chicken fries


Indo Peanut fries
Flemish beef stew fries

To wrap this up, this place is a must if in Antwerp or in any of the locations above mentioned, the queue is decent they move fast and professionally, so for a 15-20 min waiting time is definitely worth the shot!

Let me know if you’ve been there or if planning to!