Where to eat and what to do in Eindhoven

Small city. Home of Philips. Unexpectedly great food scene.

This is how would one summarize this city in the Netherlands. Really lovely. Super cool.

Musts if there:

Downtown Gourmet Market, here: http://www.downtowngourmetmarket.com 

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A super cool place. Rather small for what I expected but really well thought, overall not a classic Market Hall but a cozy, kind of like a big family restaurant with everything. Compared to other Market Halls where you chose your own stand, you pay-you sit-you eat, here is more of a you choose your table, you find a menu of the Market Halle, a waiter comes to you and brings whatever your heart desires. And if that waiter is not assigned to whatever your heart desire, he will send someone to make you happy. Oh and you can only pay by card. No cash allowed. Brilliant if you think about it.

Also, the Market Hall is slightly divided in 2, with one big indoor part and another smaller one that has some outdoor sitting too.

We went for some serious delicious Empanadas at Komikaya, a Red Bull cocktail with a twist that bought me back to my childhood from the bar across and some Buffalo wings from Beef and the Wingman. Funny thing is that yours truly, when ordering her wings, thought she can order the burger’s extras too, not realising it’s for burgers only. Not even when the guy asked me if I’m sure I want that white cheddar on top of my wings. I was so sure I want that cheese on top.

Anyway, the guy complied (thank you!) so I had melted white cheddar on top of my Buffalo wings that were absolutely delicious. Paired with a beer and I wanted to live in that Market Hall.

Also, if there go randomly in coffee places. You can’t go wrong. You simply can’t. We randomly tried Lucifer Coffee Roasters for some Chai Lattes and we weren’t disappointed. Still not as good as the one I had in Amsterdam but quite close enough and definitely better than what I had (so far) in Berlin.

Also please excuse the quality of my phone camera…

Also, for brunch try out Bagel & Juice for (doh!) bagels and freshly squeezed juices. Nice selection of juices. Really good coffee too! I went for the Honey Honey Bagel they offered, with goat cheese, thyme, walnuts and honey. Really delicious, paired perfectly with my cappuccino.


And of course not to forget the food vending machines, the unique creation of The Netherlands:



That Kroket burger was 1 euro. Bun, kroket, mustard. Quite bad but quite good when your reach the mustard.

But yeah, not to keep you any longer, Eindhoven was a surprise. Not a city to keep one occupied the whole day (especially if you travel and walk a lot the day before) but definitely worth a shot.

Oh and I am pretty convinced now that I really love the Netherlands and that I wanna live there at some point in my life, when rich and successful.