Ep. 2: Homemade Butter

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You don’t need to be any milkmaid to make your own butter. All you need is a jar and some heavy cream. Or a food processor if you didn’t break yours like I did.

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Your tool

The recipe is pretty straight forward. You’ll need some heavy cream if you buy it from the supermarket or some high fat sour cream (smântână) if you can grab your hands on something organic and straight from the farm. And of course, a jar. And that’s it, I promise you.

Now, if you go for the heavy cream version, you’ll end up with a low(er) fat butter and a more milkier taste while as the organic high fat sour cream version will give you the real deal. But of course, I am in Berlin and not in Romania and that high fat organic sour cream is not an option for me, so heavy cream it is.

Price wise you won’t save much but it is a 5 minute project guaranteed to impress your friends.

You’ll need:

  • some heavy cream
  • a jarbutter text final blog (1 of 1)


  1. add the heavy cream to the jar, make sure the lid is tightly secured;
  2. shake in an up and down motion, be slightly embarrassed for looking inappropriate while doing this for 5 minutes;
  3. you’ll see that the buttermilk will separate from the butter;
  4. with the help of a cheese cloth or your bare hands, squeeze the butter for any extra buttermilk in it;
  5. add in a container and store it for up to 8 weeks in the fridge.butter 5 blog (1 of 1)

You can also add now some sea salt to it but I will be coming in the next post with my craft butter and I will tell you more, so stay tuned!

Until the next one,



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