Ep. 4: Cream cheese

Homemade cream cheese, that’s right. It only takes you 2 minutes and 1-3 days but other than that this project is your perfect healthier alternative to the store bought cream cheese.

In today’s post I will be showing you how to make cream cheese 4 ways: low fat, high fat, goat cream cheese and vegan cream cheese.

The winner – money wise – is the vegan cream cheese since it can get quite pricy at times, price ranging from 3 to 5 euros for 100-150 grams of product while by making it at home you’ll end up with around 400 grams of cream cheese for as little as 2 euros.

So with no further due, we buy some yogurt, we get our clean cheese cloth out and we make:

  1. 10% fat cream cheese made out of greek yogurt;
  2. low fat cream cheese made out of any 3.5% fat yogurt (I chose the Kerry Gold yogurt);
  3. goat cream cheese made out of (doh) goat yogurt;
  4. and vegan cream cheese made out of any Natural flavor plant based yogurt you fancy (I chose the Alpro yogurt for mine)

to which we add some sea salt.

The method is quite straight forward, and a no brainer – we line the cheese cloth on a strainer and pour the yogurt over:

We tie our cheese cloth and allow it to hang in the fridge for a day so all the liquid from the yogurt will drain:

cream cheese 1 blog (1 of 1)

Also, check form time to time your cheese not to touch the drained liquid in the container. After 24h, take the cream cheese out of the cheese cloth, add the sea salt on (or any other herbs you prefer, really) and mix well.

From this point on you can either find a nice small container on top of which you’ll lay some clean cheese cloth and the salted cream cheese, with something heavy on top of it and allow it for 2 more days in the fridge to ‘mature’


just put in a Tupperware and enjoy it, which I did.

Of course, if you for example have some guests over and you wanna impress them with a cheese board on which you present your homemade cream cheese I would strongly suggest you the first option. Those 2 extra days in the fridge will give a show stopper cream cheese with all those beautiful and rustic cheese cloth marks on it.

But other than that that’s all you need to do for the homemade cream cheese. You’ll get best results with the high fat yogurt since it won’t drain that much and it will give you a really creamy delicious result. It also makes more sense money wise since you won’t be wasting much of the yogurt.

By doing 4 types of cream cheese at once, I found that the greek yogurt one performed the best, followed by the vegan one, goat cheese and lastly the 3.5% one.

Also, texture wise, the 3.5% is the softest one which will be perfect on any cream cheese based sauce while the rest are perfect for spreading over toast or anything your heart desires.

And that’s it, really.

Enjoy it,