Baked Brie with figs and nuts

Well, well. It’s almost autumn in Berlin already and given the very much summer we had I can’t stop but thinking of cozy, comfort food, shared dinners, lovely people and candles. Hygge.

And what brings people together the best? Food. What brings people together for sure? Melted cheese.

It’s figs season and brie and figs are as meant to be as fries and ketchup are. And there is nothing better than melted gooey cheese with a sweet kick and a nutty crunch. All wrapped up with rosemary flagrance. It’s comfort, it’s easy, it’s hygge.

And if you by any chance you’re not familiarized with this term, it’s the Danish word that cannot actually be translated but it can be summed up in coziness, great food, close friends, candles and chunky knitted sweaters.

That’s what this cheese is all about. Toast some bread, get some friends, light up some candles and open a bottle of wine and you’ll understand.

You only need:

  • brie cheese
  • 2 tsp figs jam
  • half a fig
  • some cranberries
  • few walnuts
  • few almonds flakes
  • fresh rosemary


  1. preheat oven at 180ºC;
  2. use one tsp of figs jam to cover the surface of the cheese;
  3. in a small bowl, add the chopped up figs, cranberries and walnuts; add the other tsp of figs jam and mix well;
  4. add the mixture of top of the cheese;
  5. sprinkle with almonds flakes and fresh rosemary;
  6. bake at 180-200ºC for 15 minutes;
  7. enjoy with crispy bread or freshly toasted sourdough bread.

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Until the next one, get hygge,