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Seitan Pineapple Pasta

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OK. THIS was challenge. A very vegan challenge. Long story short, I’ve team up with Veggiespiracy for a challenge, me cooking a vegan dish and she, trying to find a vegan/vegetarian one on my blog. She has this recipe, pasta with seitan and pineapple. Seitan Pineapple Pasta. What is seitan. Where can I find seitan. Pineapple? In pasta???? Seitan is a chewy protein-rich food made from wheat gluten, used in cooking as a meat substitute. Seitan can […]

What I’ve learned in Porto

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buildings don’t come with heaters; nata pasties are everywhere; francesinhas are everywhere; you can’t put down a Francesinha; tiles. everywhere there is tiles; you buy everything that comes or resemblances with tiles; pork and seafood is everywhere; the ocean is at 2 euro metro ticket distance; the ocean is beautifully intimidating; there is cheap decent beer; there is no street food – except for some occasional roasted chestnut stands; coffee is less than a euro; […]